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Hillside First School

Curriculum Statement

  • Our curriculum relates closely to our local, regional and national context as well as to the needs of our pupils;
  • It is designed to develop pupils’ knowledge and skills, with knowledge underpinning and enabling the application of skills;
  • Each curriculum subject, and its associated knowledge and skill set, is respected as a discipline and afforded appropriate coverage;
  • Subjects are combined meaningfully in learning contexts that are thematic and age-appropriate;
  • Some single subject teaching and learning also takes place, when considered most effective in achieving the intended learning outcomes in that subject;
  • Basic skills in English, mathematics and other disciplines are regularly and systematically applied in cross curricular contexts;
  • Knowledge acquisition is carefully planned to grow over time, with due emphasis placed on interconnecting knowledge to build pupils’ understanding;
  • Progression of learning in all subject areas is a key element of our curriculum. There is a model of progression in place for all subject areas based on the National Curriculum Programmes of Study in all subjects and the local agreed syllabus for RE.
  • The school has high expectations of pupils in terms of progression, and strives for pupils to achieve mastery across a broad range of subjects;
  • Assessment is used not only to inform teachers of progress, identifying gaps in pupils’ knowledge and skills, but also to reflect on the appropriateness and effectiveness of the taught curriculum, its design and implementation.
  • Senior leaders maintain a strong focus on the curriculum and are accountable for its design and implementation. However, all teaching staff make valued contributions towards the planning, delivery and review of the curriculum, both as subject leaders and as classroom teachers.
  • We believe that our broad, rich curriculum needs to prepare pupils adequately for internal and external tests and assessments, and the outcomes of these should reflect the success of the curriculum.