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Hillside First School

Academy Committee Members

Our Academy Committee is made up of:

Chair of Academy Committee:

Mr Ben Mason

Vice Chair of Academy Committee:

Mrs Sandra Grove

Clerk to the Academy Committee:

Mrs Jess Howlett

Academy Committee Members:

Headteacher Mr Harrison
Staff Members Mrs Riley
Mrs Harris
Parent Members Mrs Ratcliffe
Mr Moule
Trustee Appointed Members

Mrs Harley
Mr Cook
Mr Grove
Mr Hudson
Mr Morgan

Responsibilities and Focus for Monitoring Visits

Looked after Children and Safeguarding Mrs Grove
Pupil Premium and SEND Mrs Harris
Health and Safety Mr Hudson, Mr Grove
Inclusion Mrs Harris
Numeracy Mrs Ratcliffe


Mr Moule

Curriculum Mr Morgan

For statutory information about each Academy Committee Member, including their date of appointment, term of office and declaration of business interests, please see the Statutory Academy Committee Member Information page.

As a proud member of Wimborne Academy Trust, our academy committee is overseen by the Trustees. To find out more about the Trustees of Wimborne Academy Trust please visit the website or click here to view Trust Member and Trustee biographies.