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Hillside First School

Curriculum Statement

At Hillside First School we want our children to develop the best possible character and become respectful, resilient and compassionate citizens, who have the skills to succeed in our diverse, ever-changing global community. 

To achieve this, our curriculum is designed to provide a progression of knowledge and skills, which pupils develop through inspiring, interconnected learning.  Our curriculum remains flexible to respond to the needs and interests of our pupils and changes in the local community and wider world.

Each curriculum subject, and its associated knowledge and skills, is valued and afforded appropriate coverage.  Subjects are either combined meaningfully in learning contexts that are thematic and age-appropriate, or they may be taught as discrete subjects, when it is considered that this will achieve the intended learning outcomes more effectively.  Basic skills in English, mathematics and other subjects are regularly applied in cross curricular contexts.

Progression of learning in all subject areas is a key element of our curriculum. Skills and knowledge are carefully developed in all subject areas based on the National Curriculum Programmes of Study and locally agreed syllabuses.  The school has high expectations of all pupils and provides varied, rich opportunities to inspire them to achieve their full potential across all subjects. 

Assessment is used not only to inform teachers of progress, identifying gaps in pupils’ knowledge and skills, but also to reflect on the appropriateness and effectiveness of the taught curriculum, its design and implementation.

Leaders maintain a strong focus on the curriculum and are accountable for its design and implementation.  All staff make valued contributions towards the planning, delivery and review of the curriculum in order to continually provide the best possible outcomes for our pupils.

We believe that our broad, rich curriculum and rights-respecting ethos prepares pupils to perform confidently in assessments and equips them with the tools to be successful learners with high aspirations for their future.

Curriculum Content:

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